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About Pledge Detroit!

The Mission of U of D Jesuit: Pledge Detroit!™

What is U of D Jesuit: Pledge Detroit™?

Pledge Detroit!™was founded 9 years ago by the U of D Jesuit Student Senate in an effort to raise money for the school while reaching out to the city that has embraced it since the school's inception. Pledge Detroit!™ exemplifies the Jesuit motto of forming "men for others" as members of the student body not only raise funds for their school, but volunteer at various service locations throughout the city. The goal of this campaign is to foster the connection between U of D Jesuit and our neighboring Detroit community while simultaneously raising funds to enhance the student experience at "The High" through cocurricular activities.

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Helpful resources for parents and students regarding the U of D Jesuit: Pledge Detroit!™ project:

Frequently Asked Questions


What is U of D Jesuit Pledge Detroit!™?

U of D Jesuit Pledge Detroit!™ is an exciting initiative that allows students the opportunity to raise money in support of the cocurricular programs at U of D Jesuit while also giving back to the city of Detroit through a day of service work. On October 2nd, the entire student body will take part in a various service projects throughout the City of Detroit. This is our way of giving back to the city we have called home for over 142 years.

Do I collect pledges?

Yes. This is a fundraiser for our students and we need all students to collect pledges. This year we are asking students to bring in a minimum of $142.00 - one dollar for each year we have been in the city of Detroit.

What is the deadline for turning in pledges collected?

All pledge money must be turned in by Thursday, October 18th to receive our two free days.

What about safety?

The safety and well-being of our students is our primary concern. Each homeroom will have at least two adults chaperoning their particular group, with numerous parents from the Moms' Club and Dads' Club present as well. Furthermore, our sites have been carefully screened to make sure that our students will be able to serve safely and securely.

What kind of work will my son be doing?

There are several different types of service opportunities. Grade levels will each serve at a different site with the exception of juniors and seniors. Juniors and seniors are split into smaller groups based on homeroom to serve at a variety of locations. Service work could involve but is not limited to: planting bulbs, clearing invasive species, picking up trash, washing windows, or simply spending time with members of the local community. Students will be supervised and will be provided with the necessary materials to complete the day of service. Site specific information will be provided to each homeroom in presentations the week before October 2nd.

Where does the money for Pledge Detroit!™ go?

The Student Senate allocates a percentage of the money collected to various student activities and events. The vast majority of the funds financially support student activities. For example, Prom and club trips are subsidized from the money raised. Madden tournaments, the Freshman BBQ, tailgates, and the pig roast are all examples of activities made possible for students because of U of D Jesuit Pledge Detroit!™

What if I raise more than my $142 quota?

Any student who raises $170 will be able to dress down for winter semester exams. A student who brings in $200 will be able to dress down for both winter and spring final exams. For every $100 over $200 that is brought in, a raffle ticket is earned for all school prizes. Also the top student(s) in each grade will have a choice of prizes listed on the prize sheet.

What about our TWO FREE DAYS?

In order to receive two extra days off, we need to raise $142,000.00 by Thursday, October 18th! If the money is not in by 2:45pm on October 18th, Thanksgiving Break will only be 4 days long instead of 5 and February 4th (Monday after Super Bowl Sunday) will see classes as well.

Adult Volunteers

Volunteer Today!

While financial support is key to the U of D Jesuit: Pledge Detroit!™ project's success, the time and talents of a great many adults make this all possible! Wondering how you can help make an impact?

Assist on a site or at U of D!
Volunteer on a work site, assisting with lunch preparations for the students, or for general assistance.

Contact the U of D Jesuit: Pledge Detroit!™ Staff

Questions or comments?

If you have an inquiry regarding U of D Jesuit: Pledge Detroit!™, the work sites, the pledging process, or any other facet of the service project, you can contact the U of D Jesuit: Pledge Detroit!™ Team by emailing:

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